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Improve sleep quality

There is nothing better than waking up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day with energy. 

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. 

Do you not feel fit and rested even though you got enough sleep? This could be because you have not slept deeply enough during the night. Deep sleep is very important for feeling fit.

Why is deep sleep so important?

Despite getting enough hours of sleep, the quality of sleep may not have been good. We need 60 to 120 minutes of deep sleep each night, depending on how many sleep cycles we have.

Deep sleep comes after falling asleep and light sleep. You are in deep sleep when your brain waves slow down.

Deep sleep lasts about 20 minutes and is actually the most important stage because it helps you to rest well.

If you get enough deep sleep, you will feel refreshed when you wake up in the morning. If you sleep for 7 to 9 hours, 60 to 120 minutes of it is usually deep sleep. There seems to be no such thing as too much deep sleep.

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This is what happens during deep sleep:

  1. New skills, knowledge and emotions are processed.
  2. Deep sleep plays an important role in balancing hormones. During this phase, the pituitary gland secretes important hormones, such as growth hormones, which help tissues in the body to grow and cells to regenerate.
  3. Memories are stored. Deep sleep helps the brain to create and store new memories and improves its ability to collect and recall information.
  4. Physical recovery takes place.
  5. Blood sugar levels and metabolism are brought back into balance.
  6. The immune system is activated.       Improve immune system

Uitgerust wakker worden

Interesting TED talk on the importance of sleep

With Recover-Me you will wake up rested

If you take Recover-Me every night you will fall deeper asleep. Recover-Me improves the sleep pattern by increasing the nitric oxide in the brain during the night. 

This has the opposite effect to caffeine: the body is put to sleep faster.

The neurotransmitter nitric oxide influences the quality and duration of our sleep. This gaseous molecule triggers the release of adenosine. When the level of adenosine in our brain is high, sleep pressure increases.

Scientific report on the need for the production of nitric oxide in the front part of the brain to fall asleep:   

         Scientific report



If you really want to wake up refreshed and alert, make sure you get enough sleep.

Some people need more sleep than others, but almost everyone needs between seven and nine hours of sleep every night. 

Stick to a schedule for when you go to bed and when you get up. 

Next, establish a pleasant morning routine.A morning routine helps your brain wake up.

Tips for your morning routine

Making a few adjustments to your morning routine can help you feel more energetic and alert. Here are some strategies that are guaranteed to make a big difference:

How do you manage your morning routine? 

Leave your mobile phone and TV off to avoid unwanted distractions. Agree a morning structure with your family to keep things running smoothly.

Make sleep a priority! The best way to wake up refreshed is to get seven to nine hours of sleep every night. Good sleep habits are essential. Keep your bedroom dark, cool and quiet. Avoid alcohol and caffeine for several hours before bedtime, and turn off all electronic devices for at least an hour before bed.

Consider morning exercise if you have the time. Morning exercise can make you feel more energetic.

Start your morning by drinking a glass of water. It helps keep your body hydrated and improves your metabolism.

Eat a hearty breakfast After all-night fasting, your body needs good fuel (preferably a mix of protein, carbohydrates and fat)

Don't hit the snooze button. "Repeatedly hitting the snooze button on your alarm can actually make it harder for you to be awake and alert. 

In fact, snoozing for 10 minutes every morning will result in almost an hour of broken sleep over the course of a week. 

A better suggestion; set the alarm for the time of getting up - and don't hit snooze.

Don't look at your phone right away! As tempting as it is to grab your phone as soon as you wake up, it can derail the start of your day. Checking social media and/or email immediately takes up a lot of time.

We hope these tips will help you start your day fresh, fit and rested!

Work with your body's natural sleep rhythm. It is designed to wake up with light and sleep in the dark. 

Do your best to go along with that change. Do you work at night? 

Keep your rooms dark during the day before you go to sleep and light them up again afterwards to wake up

  • If you take Recover-Me every evening you will fall deeper asleep.
  •  Recover-Me improves the sleep pattern by increasing the nitric oxide in the brain during the night.
More tips
  • The neurotransmitter nitric oxide influences the quality and duration of our sleep.
  • This gaseous molecule triggers the release of adenosine. When the level of adenosine in our brain is high, our sleep pressure increases!
More about deep sleep
  • As mentioned, the endothelium needs L-Arginine to produce nitric oxide.
  • After the age of 23 the body hardly produces and absorbs L-Arginine.
  • If you only take a supplement of L-Arginine, your body will not absorb it sufficiently.
  • Recover-Me is a unique formula of amino acids in the correct proportions combined with a unique carrier, which optimises the production of nitric oxide in the body.
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Waking up rested. How do you do it?

Waking up rested is essential for a productive, successful day. It is important to understand what it takes to wake up well-rested and how that can be achieved. 

One of the most important factors is the number of hours of sleep you get. 

  1. It is recommended to get at least seven to nine hours of sleep a night, depending on your age and health status.
  2. It is also important to have a consistent sleep schedule to teach your body when it is time to sleep and when it is time to wake up. 
  3. Another factor is the quality of your sleep. This means getting into the sleep stages where your body can recover and regenerate optimally. This can be influenced by creating a sleep-friendly environment, such as blocking sounds and reducing light and technology in your bedroom. 
  4. Taking enough relaxation time before bed can help relax and promote sleep. This can include reading a book, meditative exercises or relaxation exercises. 
  5. A good breakfast and avoiding caffeine and sugary drinks when waking up can also contribute to a well-rested start to the day.
Waking up rested is important for both physical and mental health, and it can help achieve personal and professional goals.

Why is sleep so important for waking up rested?

Sleep is vital for good health and a long life. There are many reasons why sleep is so important.

  1. First, sleep is crucial for the body's repair and regeneration. During sleep, the body repairs itself and cells are renewed. Moreover, during sleep, hormones are produced that contribute to tissue growth and regeneration. This is essential for maintaining a healthy body.
  2. Secondly, sleep plays a role in improving overall mental health and well-being. This is because during sleep, the brain is cleansed of waste products, improving brain function and keeping the mind clear. Sleep also reduces the risk of depression and anxiety disorders.
  3. Third, sleep is essential for improving memory and learning ability. During sleep, the brain processes information gained during the day and stores it in the memory. This allows us to remember information more easily and understand new information better 
  4. Fourth, a good night's sleep increases productivity and concentration. People who sleep well are generally better able to concentrate on their work and generally perform better than people who do not get enough sleep.

In short, sleep is essential for our overall well-being. It not only ensures physical recovery, but also a clear mind and increased productivity. It is therefore important to develop good sleep hygiene and ensure that we get enough sleep so that you wake up rested and start the day fresh, fit and full of energy.

What happens when we sleep?

Our body goes through several processes during sleep.

  • Our heart rate and breathing slow down. 
  • Our muscles relax. 
  • Our brain activity changes.
  • During sleep, the hormone melatonin is also produced, which helps us fall asleep and regulates our sleep-wake rhythm.
  • In addition, important repair and growth processes are carried out in our body, such as repairing damaged tissue, maintaining the immune system and cleaning the brain of waste products.

So sleep is essential for our bodies to function properly.

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